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New ‪#‎unbrokenSeal‬ ‪#‎comic‬ page is here. And the mystery man seems to escape just by the skin of his teeth yet again. 

Unbroken Seal website

And if you get a sec please go and vote for Unbroken Seal
Simply click the orange "vote for Unbroken Seal" link underneath the Unbroken Seal banner. You do not have to have a log in, just answer the character question and the correct answer will allow you to vote.

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Hi all. Here is the most recent page of Unbroken Seal​.
Just to give ya a quick explanation of what US is about;

The end of days is upon us. The forces of Heaven and Hell engage in an all out war here on Earth to decide mankind's fate. Humanity, forever at odds with each other over religion, is not surprisingly fractured. It is literally a 'World War'.

Amid all this chaos a man awakens with no memory of who is is of what is happening. His past is a mystery, his future unclear. Every fibre of his being is telling him just two things, survive at all costs and that he has a larger role to play in this 'war to end all wars'

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Hi all...Page 15 of my webcomic Unbroken Seal is now up and ready for viewing. 
You can read it on the website
or on tapastic at
or on smackjeeves at

Hope you'll check it out. 

Unbroken Seal #1 by universe-K
I've updated to page 13 check it out, let me know what you think.
You can check it out at
or if you're on Taptastic you can get it here
and SmackJeeves here

Thanks for checking it out. 

I have updated my web-comic Unbroken Seal to page 11. I have also changed the format from full color to black and white. Now at first glance this may seem like a downgrade, but by going all black and white I am now able to update the comic on a weekly basis rather than bi-monthly. I hope you enjoy this format as well.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Check out the update at
Take a minute to check out the latest page update to my comic  Unbroken Seal
You can see sample pages in my gallery. 

Thanks for looking. 
If you get a sec check out the most recent page of my comic Unbroken Seal
I've started a new web comic called Unbroken Seal. It is a post apocalyptic world in which the vail between the realms of heaven, hell, and the earth have been lifted spilling angels, demons and monsters out amongst humanity. If you get a chance check it out at Unbroken Seal

Unbroken Seal #1 by universe-K